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IVF or in-vitro fertilization is a process of fertilizing the sperm and the egg in a laboratory and transferring it to the uterus on time. IVF is the most extensively used assisted reproductive technology to help couples struggling to conceive. Find the best IVF treatment in Delhi at the IVF junction

How does IVF work?

In vitro fertilization is a step by step process that involves the following procedures:

  1. Monitors stimulation of the ovaries to produce enough eggs
  2. Extract the mature eggs known as egg retrieval
  3. Fertilize in the laboratory and culturing the resulting embryos
  4. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis to rule out genetic conditions
  5. Embryo transfer after careful monitoring and screening
  6. Check for a positive pregnancy test after 2 weeks of the transfer

Why would you need IVF?

If you are grappling with infertility and have tried other treatments with no success, then IVF is the right choice for you. Some of the most important reasons to consider an IVF are:

  • When other forms of infertility treatment in India have no positive outcome
  • When your escalating age and stress warrants other forms of assisted reproduction treatments
  • If you have reached a point where you think it’s time to try IVF

Your fertility specialist will recommend IVF as the only choice to have a biological child in the following situations

  1. The fallopian tubes are blocked due to various reasons and are beyond repair
  2. A severe case of male infertility relating to count, sperm, or appearance
  3. If you or your partner carry a high risk of passing on genetic diseases- IVF along with preimplantation genetic diagnosis reduces the chances and offers success
  4. If either of you is trying to conceive after cancer therapy
  5. When frozen eggs are used, IVF multiplies the chances of success
  6. Ovulation disorders due to PCOS that shows no significant improvement with treatment
  7. Women with endometriosis
  8. A high level of antibodies against the sperm preventing conception
  9. Decreasing ovarian capability and function due to age
  10. Unexplained fertility that is not traceable to an identifiable cause

How IVF Is Beneficial For Infertility Treatment?

IVF treatment in Delhi is an excellent choice for couples with infertility as it:

  1. Decreases the chances of genetic disorders
  2. Improves your success rate when the egg reserve is depleting due to age
  3. Has more chances of conception when sperm abnormalities exist
  4. Advanced techniques used in IVF such as ICSI, artificial womb technology, laser-assisted hatching, etc greatly improves the chances of success
  5. Helps couples who have lost babies previously due to known or unknown causes
  6. Is a great choice for couples when other forms of infertility treatments such as IUI have not shown success

How to prepare for IVF?

Some of the ways you can prepare your body for IVF and improve the chances of success are:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Include fertility-enhancing foods in your regular schedule
  • Maintain the right weight that falls within a healthy BMI
  • Reduce the intake of caffeine including coffee and caffeinated drinks
  • Improve your fitness levels- stick to any form of activity at least 5 times a week
  • Start treatment when the time is right- the clock is only ticking away
  • Keep your stress levels low- it only adds to the existing problems
  • Quit smoking, tobacco, and other drugs if you haven’t already
  • Ensure that you take the prescribed vitamins and supplements
  • Stay well-rested and get good sleep

What is the Procedure IVF Treatment in Delhi?

The IVF procedure involves three steps:

  1. Preparation
  2. The procedure itself
  3. Monitoring

The actual procedure of IVF incorporates the following:

  • The controlled stimulation of ovaries to increase egg production
  • Recovering  the mature eggs from the ovaries by a process called follicular aspiration
  • Collecting semen samples from your partner or donor
  • Laboratory fertilization of the healthiest sperm and the egg
  • Culture of the embryo until its ready for implantation
  • Transfer of embryo to the uterus

After the procedure is completed, you will be under close monitoring with special instructions until about 14 days. When it is 2 weeks after the transfer, you will be asked to get a pregnancy test.

What can I expect from IVF?

  • Understand that it takes time- It does take a while to conceive with IVF. Our experts at the IVF junction will discuss the procedure and answer all your questions
  • Be prepared to take medications- IVF involves taking different kinds of medications as prescribed by your doctor. These are given to facilitate egg production, prepare the uterus for implantation, and to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Your partner may also be prescribed medication according to his fertility status.
  • You will need multiple visits to the doctor and laboratories for investigations and regular follow up
  • IVF can be expensive. Be ready for the financial commitment that it requires. IVF junction offers you easy financing options. Feel free to discuss with our experts and make the best choice for yourself.
  • Emotional stress- IVF cycles can take a toll on your emotional well-being. It is tiring and can get frustrating at times. Learn to manage your stress and be patient and consistent

Why Choose IVF Junction for the Best IVF Treatment in Delhi?

IVF Junction is the best choice for IVF and infertility treatment in Delhi because:

  1. We offer a holistic approach to IVF starting from the diagnosis of infertility, choosing the best options, and improving the success rate
  2. Our IVF specialist in Delhi are some of the best in the industry with a wide range of clinical experience in dealing with IVF couples
  3. We have the best financing options to cover the cost of treatment
  4. IVF junction uses the most advanced techniques in IVF to offer the best outcomes

Success Rate of IVF Treatment in Delhi at IVF Junction

Associates at IVF junction use some of the best techniques and perform IVF cycles with ultimate precision and accuracy. We offer an unrivaled success rate of about 80% which is the highest in Delhi.


Who is the best candidate for IVF?

Some of the best candidates for an IVF cycle are:

  • Women with irreversible tubal issues
  • A very strong male infertility factor
  • Women with a poor responding PCOS
  • Couples who have tried other forms of treatment and found no success
  • Women with depleting egg reserves owing to age
  • Couples planning to undergo cancer therapy
  • Women or couples interested to conserve their fertility for use at a later date

Is IVF Treatment Painful?

The process of IVF involves ovarian stimulation, recapturing of eggs, and fertilization. As preparation for all this, you may need to take prescribed medications and injections. The process of egg retrieval is a little invasive but your doctor will administer pain medication and necessary sedation to make you feel comfortable.

How long does IVF take to get pregnant?

The duration of one IVF cycle is about three weeks. Women who are under 35 years of age have a good chance of getting pregnant on the first try. But sometimes, it does take a few cycles to get pregnant with IVF.

How Can I Make My First IVF Successful?

When the woman is less than 35 years of age, the chances of IVF success on the first try is about 55%. To improve your chances of first-time success,

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Include foods that boost egg and sperm quality
  • Stay away from ejaculation about three to four days before giving the semen sample as it maintains sperm count
  • Avoid alcohol consumption prior to a couple of months before the cycle
  • Limit caffeine intake
  • Quit smoking to maintain a normal sperm count and function
  • Decide about going for an IVF at the best time when your fertility levels are optimum
  • Include plenty of healthy fats in your diet
  • Follow your specialist’s instructions about taking medications

What is the best age for IVF treatment?

The best time to decide about IVF treatment would be from 25-34. It is during this time that your fertility levels are the best. Beyond 35 years of age, the success rate of IVF reduces drastically. When you have tried to get pregnant for a year with unprotected intercourse, it is time to see a fertility specialist. This is irrespective of your age. Early detection of existing fertility problems can be treated well. Discuss with our experts if IVF can be the best choice for you.

How successful is IVF treatment in Delhi?

The rate of IVF success in Delhi on average is about 74%. The associated specialists at IVF junction offer an unmatched success rate of more than 80%. They use the most advanced and precise techniques and employ the best standards. Having performed more than 2000+ cycles, they have very high standards for IVF procedures.

How many eggs are good for IVF?

About six to 14 eggs are retrieved during an IVF cycle and after screening for abnormalities, the best eggs are chosen for fertilization.

What tests are done before IVF?

Prior to IVF, a series of tests need to be conducted in order to assess the fertility status.

  • Blood tests to assess the hormone levels- FSH, prolactin, AMH, estradiol, etc
  • Hysterosalpingogram to check if the fallopian tubes are free of obstruction
  • Semen analysis- to assess the sperm quality, count, and morphology
  • HIV antigen/ antibody
  • Hepatitis B/ Hepatitis C
  • A physical examination by the fertility specialist

Invitro fertilization (IVF) is a widely accepted and well-adopted procedure for treating infertility.

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