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    Who is the best doctor for IVF?

    Infertility treatment can be a nerve-wracking process with lots of highs and lows. In such a scenario, choosing the right fertility doctor for an IVF treatment can get arduous. Know what an IVF specialist does and get complete information on how IVF specialists take you through your IVF journey.

    IVF specialists are specialists who help you in fulfilling your dream of having children through assisted reproductive techniques (ART) like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and other advanced procedures.

    They treat couples who are unable to get pregnant despite repeated attempts of natural conception for more than a year or so. They are specialized obstetrician/gynecologists (OBGYN) or urologists who additionally specialize in reproductive health and reproductive endocrinology. The best IVF doctor in Delhi and elsewhere understands the underlying fertility condition, has expertise in infertility management, handles high-risk pregnancies, is highly experienced in IVF and advanced ART procedures.

    IVF treatments also include the involvement of specialists from different spheres of medicine. Some of the various specialists required in an IVF center are:

    Geneticist: Geneticists help examine the possibilities of genetic disorders or inheritance of genetic conditions in the fetus and help prevent the probabilities of certain pregnancy complications.

    Reproductive Endocrinologist: Regular hormonal monitoring is required during fertility treatment and IVF pregnancy. Endocrinologists help check the hormonal changes during the treatment.

    Reproductive Surgeon: Fertility treatments involve certain surgeries to correct, repair, and treat internal issues of the reproductive tract. Reproductive surgeons look into this aspect of infertility treatment.

    Urologist: Urologists treat urinary tract obstructions during the fertility treatment process.

    Embryologist: Nurturing, caring, freezing, and preservation of embryos after fertilization is done by specially trained embryologists. They expertise in embryo care, ensure embryo safety and its viability.

    Immunologist: Immunologists specialize in handling immune-related issues during treatment and pregnancy.

    Andrologist: Andrologists are experts in diagnosing and treating problems related to the male reproductive tract, male hormones, and sperm preparation and issues.

    Gynecologist: Gynecologists take care of every concern of a woman's reproductive tract, reproductive hormones. Gynecologists who specialize in pregnancy, child delivery, mother and child care post-delivery are obstetricians.

    Psychologist: Fertility treatments can involve emotional stress, anger, depression, anxiety, and exhaustion. Psychologists help you manage through the wavering emotions while you undergo your fertility treatment.

    Nutritionists/ Dieticians: A fertility diet with adequate amounts of nutrients is essential while undergoing fertility treatment. That is best looked at and taken care of by the nutritionists.

    Fitness/yoga experts: When, how, and when not to exercise during infertility treatment or pregnancy is best understood and apprehended by fitness experts. Yoga experts help you modulate breathing, enhance stability, strength and improve fertility through yoga asanas.

    All the doctors work in a closely-knit manner to ensure a successful pregnancy. And it is imperative to have a care team effort among specialists for a successful IVF treatment.

    How to choose the best doctor for IVF?

    Generally, patients looking for the best IVF doctor in Delhi NCR or elsewhere may be dealing with complicated fertility conditions. And so, the selection of a good fertility doctor and clinic who can guide you through the fertility treatment process is extremely important. Some of the features and facilities that one can expect from a good fertility doctor and a fertility clinic include:

    • Expertise and experience of the specialist: The fertility specialist must have vast experience in treating and handling complex fertility issues.
    • Extensive laboratories: Fertility treatments require a lot of lab work. Ensuring that all laboratories like andrology and embryology lab work as well as treatment is run under one roof. This is essential for definitive, well-defined outcomes.
    • Varied Specialities: Clinics must be embellished with a wide range of specialties including embryologists, andrologists, IVF specialists, fitness experts, psychologists, nutritionists, immunologists, geneticists, and others.
    • Specially skilled staff: Along with the doctors, staff too must be skilled to work hand-in-hand with the fertility specialists. They must be well-trained to handle the latest techniques and advanced equipment involved in reproductive health.
    • Certification of the doctor and clinic: The clinic and the doctor must be registered and certified under the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

    Why choose us?

    IVF Junction has always ensured to provide you the best treatment through its network of fertility centers in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon. The varied specialists, doctors, and technicians work to provide you with a comforting and pleasurable environment while taking care of your health and medical needs. Some of the trump points of our clinic and specialist panel that emphasize you to choose us to include:

    • A well-experienced and skilled team of specialists.
    • We ensure that there is round-the-clock availability of doctors and staff.
    • We have wide-ranging specialists such as embryologists, andrologists, reproductive endocrinologists, yoga experts, fitness trainers, nutritionists, available in one premise.
    • Our centers are accredited to ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research).
    • Our specialists have successfully handled more than 2000 IVF cycles and counting. These include complicated cases where successful treatments have been achieved.
    • Our clinics are endured with cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques.
    • Our doctors and staff are trained to handle the latest equipment and carry out the most scientific-proven methodologies.
    • Our unprecedented success rate of over 80% speaks about how our best specialists in Delhi work towards providing you comprehensive care.
    • We work in a mode of transparency and clear-cut understanding to give you the right solutions for your underlying concern.

    Our Panel of Doctors    

    IVF Junction proudly presents the team of Specialists and IVF doctors in Delhi who will take you through the entire fertility treatment process, counsel you to find the exact problem, and help increase your chances of realizing parenthood.

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