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Hysteroscopy and It’s Cost in Delhi

Before knowing hysteroscopy cost in Delhi, we should know what is hysteroscopy. Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that helps examine and treat different conditions of the uterus. The instrument hysteroscope used during the procedure is a thin stick-like device with a camera that is inserted into the uterus through the vaginal opening. The hysteroscope allows your doctor to look for any potential abnormalities of the cervix as well as the uterus and treat them accordingly.

Operative hysteroscopy can be used to clear the uterus of any polyps, fibroids, or adhesions. Diagnostic hysteroscopy can be performed for visual confirmation of any other test result, to detect any irregularities within the uterus.

Hysteroscopy can be coupled with laparoscopy and be done before procedures like dilation and curettage.

What Is The Need for This Procedure?

Hysteroscopy is used both to diagnose malformations inside the uterus. Your doctor may advise hysteroscopy in conditions such as excessive menstrual flow and irregular menstrual cycle to view the condition of the cervix and uterus.

Diagnostic hysteroscopy is used to detect the problems of the uterus. It is done to confirm the results of other diagnostic tests such as Hysterosalpingography (HSG). HSG is a type of X-ray used to check the status of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Additionally, it can be combined with laparoscopy. Sometimes, it is done before procedures such as dilation and curettage.

How Hysteroscopy Improves Fertility?

Operative hysteroscopy is used to treat a series of uterine conditions causing infertility. They are:

  • Abnormal bleeding: The cause of heavy menstrual flow and bleeding between the periods or after menopause can be identified. Endometrial ablation is a process done along with a hysteroscope that destroys the endometrial lining. This procedure is done to reduce the menstrual flow.
  •  Pelvic adhesions: Scar tissues formed in the uterus can lead to changes in the menstrual flow. Hysteroscopy can find and remove the adhesions.
  • Uterine polyps and fibroids: Fibroids and polyps are non-cancerous growth that can be operated on with hysteroscopy.
  • Septums: Certain congenital defects of the uterus can also be corrected.

How The Procedure Is Performed?

Timing is the key! The most advisable period for performing hysteroscopy would be the first week of the menstrual cycle. This timing will help your doctor to have the best inside view of the uterus. The procedure of hysteroscopy can be explained as below.

  • A sedative is given before the commencement of the procedure.
  • Your doctor will widen the cervix region and the hysteroscope is inserted through the vaginal opening.
  • Carbon dioxide gas is sent through the hysteroscope to clear the surface of any blood or mucus and widen the area.
  • The light and camera in the hysteroscope will enable the doctor to see the uterus and the fallopian tubes.
  • To perform the surgery and diagnostic procedures, necessary tools are inserted through the hysteroscope into the uterine cavity.

It can take around five minutes to an hour to perform a hysteroscopy. The time required to complete this procedure depends on whether the procedure is combined with laparoscopy or done for diagnosis/treatment of any condition.

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Benefits of Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive and safe procedure. Some of the additional advantages of this procedure include:

  • Very little recovery time
  • Minimum medications post-surgery
  • No major stitches or sutures are required.
  • Shorter stay in the hospital

Hysteroscopy Cost in Delhi

The cost of a hysteroscopy depends on the purpose of the procedure performed. Diagnostic hysterectomy may cost less compared to the surgical procedure. The cost will also vary when the procedure is done along with laparoscopy. However, the hysteroscopy cost in Delhi can start from INR 20,000.

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