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Health Package

Best PCOS/PCOD Test Package in Delhi



Our PCOS Package for you includes:

  • Fertility medications
  • Hormone therapy schedule from endocrinologists
  • Fitness programs by fitness coach

You can also avail the benefit of having a diet plan with low glycemic foods, anti-inflammatory diet from nutritionists, stress and sleep management guide from our wellness coaches and yoga experts.

Timeline: 6 Months

How it Works

When you choose the PCOS package and complete the payment process, a unique ID and password is assigned.

Along with the ID, an expert or a “fertility buddy”, is also assured who will guide you throughout your fertility treatment procedure.

The PCOS package is integrated with scheduled call consultations and text messages ensuring full loop communication.

A personalized plan is framed according to the PCOS package. We provide a scheduled health calendar that allows monitoring, corrective actions taken and also showcases the results.

A regular monitoring of health parameters and periodic/weekly interventions of our experts pre-defined according to the package and schedule is necessary in the journey of improving fertility.

However, based on the regular monitoring and individual need basis, additional consultations with our experts can be done to treat PCOS.

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