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Deepika Saini

Master in psychology



Specialisation: psychologist

Experience: 4 years

Location: Delhi

About Deepika Saini

Deepika Saini Provide mental health services to children and adolescents on outpatient ward basis, Provide individual, group, and family therapy to children/adolescents with behavioral and mental health issues. Performing initial patient’s and parent’s clinical-interview, psychoeducation & brief counselling. Do psychological, behavioral, academics assessment like cars, vsms, wisc,dst,report making & report discussion. Worked with the autistic children/adolescents, provide ABA (affective behavior analysis), BT (behavior therapy). Worked with patients’sfamily’s .developed treatment plans, family plan, coordinated with schools, psychiatrists, and other professionals (OT, SPEECH, SPECIAL-EDUCATOR). Experienceof providinglong-term therapy to Adolescence with AdolescentDepression, Academic difficulties, ADHD & Anger Issues,Adolsensesubstance abuse or other behavioral problem. Provide behavior-modification with thehelp of behaviortherapies [BT], association for behavioral and cognitive therapies [ABCT], interpersonal and socio rhythm therapy [IPSRT], cognitive behavior therapy [CBT], motivational enhancement therapy (MET) 2018 TO AUGUST 2019 WORKING IN VIMHANS, NEHRU NAGAR, DELHI. Provide on going detail case history, diagnosis, and case management services to children/adult and families, provide family interventions and case planning to assist family to resolve issues. Worked with both adult and young patients afflicted with mental health issues and substance abuse Experience in working with patientsaffected with Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Obsessive compulsive disorder, substance abuse , dissociative disorder. Experience in working with substance abuse patient like chronic alcoholics, drug-abuser, provide 12 step training. Motivation enhancement therapy [MET] and relapse prevention therapy Responsible for administering and scoring psychological tests in a busy healthcare setting such as IQ TESTING ex :-WISC, VSMS ,CPM-CVS,SPM,WAIS,MISIC.

Treatment and Services

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