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Location: A-3/7, Janakpuri, New Delhi, India

Institutional Experience: 19

Specialisation: IUI, IVF (Test Tube Baby), ICSI, Donor Insemination

About Akanksha IVF Centre

Parenthood is the pleasure every couple wants to enjoy but undergoing infertility treatment is possibly one of the most emotionally challenging period in a couple’s life . Akanksha IVF centre and our state of ART laboratory is motivated to make this life changing journey as simple and stress free as possible. Akanksha IVF established in 2002 with the aim to providethe best possible outcome for every couple who seeks our help. Akanksha IVF centre support patients to achieve parenthood which is also incredibly important for increasing chances of success and also for the support and future pathways offered to the patient.

Our chief consultant Dr. K.D Nayar is a well known name in the field of IVF and a renowned infertility specialist having several years of experience, efficiency to do work. He has also obtained prestigious training from abroad. Dr. K. D. Nayar is credited with number of national & international awards. Dr. K. D. Nayar heads the biggest and experienced team in Delhi including 4 Clinical consultant, 4 Embryologists, Counselor, Andrologistand 18 staff members, which is enough skilled to perform high end results.

Average Success Rated : 70-80%
Centre Claimed Success Rated (IVF) : 70%
No. of Cycles/Month : 70

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