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IVF junction is your partner in IVF journey towards parenthood and would assist you in every stage of your treatment. We, at IVF junction, work with a well-defined and proven approach to fertility. With our network partners having more than 2000+ IVF at an unprecedented success rate of more than 80%, we support you with everything that you need which may improve your chances of a successful pregnancy.

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How can we help you in your Infertility Treatment in India?

According to statistical data, more than 20 percent of couples deal with infertility. Understanding and acknowledging the internal concern for couples seeking treatment is our priority at the IVF junction. The major treatment options for infertility are listed below.

Advances in Assisted Reproductive Techniques have led to In vitro fertilization(IVF) that is widely accepted by many couples in India. The procedure involves the retrieval of eggs and sperm from the couple’s reproductive system which are then fertilized in a laboratory setup. The fertilized embryo, when matured, is carefully implanted in the uterus of the mother for further development.

IUI is another artificial insemination technique where the sperm that is retrieved is directly injected into the uterus of the woman to fertilize naturally inside.

ICSI is a relatively advanced technique in which the sperm is injected into the retrieved egg and fertilized in vitro. This procedure is performed to eliminate major male fertility issues and certain female infertility concerns as well.

These are minimally invasive surgical procedures used not only to diagnose the uterine cavity, fallopian tubules-related issues but also to treat issues like endometriosis, removal of fibroids, scar tissue, or cysts formed within the uterus.

Note: Our services are not restricted only to the above treatment options. To discuss in detail, contact our network clinics who will provide you with the best infertility treatment plan according to your underlying condition.

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FAQ’s IVF Junction

In vitro fertilization, commonly called IVF involves Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) where the eggs and the sperms are retrieved from couples to fuse externally in a laboratory. The embryos that are formed as a result of the fusion/fertilization, are implanted carefully into the uterus of the female. This technique is known to treat fertility issues, help gain pregnancy. In India, IVF and the advanced technologies involved in it are well-adopted and accepted by many couples who hope to fulfill their desire of enjoying parenthood.

Infertility is one of the main reasons that has shadowed the hopes of becoming parents for many. Infertility has gripped over 15% of the reproductive-aged couples in India. There are numerous options for infertility treatment and generally, when other fertility treatment options like artificial insemination, etc, fail to help, IVF can be considered to help couples have IVF children. Some of the fertility conditions that IVF can treat are listed below:

  • Female infertility concerns such as irregular ovulation, blocked fallopian tubes or pelvic adhesions, poor ovarian reserve, PCOS, abnormalities of the uterus, and many more.
  • Male fertility concerns like low sperm count, ejaculatory problems, retrograde ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, blocked reproductive ducts, etc.
  • Sometimes, the unknown reasons for underlying infertility as well.
  • When you or your spouse carry genes that cannot help conceive normally.

IVF is a sequentially defined procedure that takes nearly four to six weeks to complete one IVF cycle.

The sequence of steps in an IVF are :

  • Stimulation of ovaries: Here, the ovaries are stimulated to produce more follicles with the help of hormonal injections and medications for around 15 days from the first day of menstruation.
  • Egg retrieval: After 15 days of ovary stimulation, a small surgical procedure is performed in which the eggs are retrieved from the uterus with the help of ultrasound probe. Around 8-14 eggs are retrieved.
  • Retrieval of sperms: The sperms are recovered on the same day of the egg retrieval. Here, the semen sample is collected and sperms are extracted with a different technique.
  • Fertilization: In an incubated environment, the eggs and sperm are fertilized in a special culture that promotes embryo development.
  • Embryo development: The embryo formed as a result of fertilization is allowed to develop for 3-5days until it reaches 6-8 celled stages.
  • Embryo transfer: Once the embryo is developed, the viable embryos are transferred into the uterus carefully. After 1-2 days of the optimal transfer, implantation is achieved.

After 15 days of implantation, the pregnancy test will confirm the commencement of clinical pregnancy.

  • When you are dealing with infertility and various treatments for fertility enhancement you have tried have gone futile, you may need to try the IVF approach.
  • IVF does help couples who opt for surrogacy. Third-party IVF can opt-in in case of donor eggs, sperm, and even embryos. The option of gestational carriers too can be checked with IVF treatment.

IVF on the whole is a painless procedure. You have stages where injections and minimally invasive surgeries are performed, but all of these stages are not painful. In very uncommon situations, the slight discomfort you encounter is a part of the journey that is set to give you the happiness of parenthood.

To have a clear view of how the IVF procedure works, click the link below.

The success rate of IVF is defined by the attainment of clinical pregnancy after one cycle of IVF. Various factors decide the success rates such as the age of the mother, the cause of infertility, techniques adopted, the experience of the IVF experts, and many more. Taking into count all the aspects affecting the success rate, the average IVF success rate at IVF Junction is more than 80%.

IVF depends on various advanced ART techniques like ICSI, PGD/PGS, Embryo freezing, Assisted hatching, egg/sperm donation, embryo donation, surrogacy, etc. All these arrays of factors are known to affect the cost of IVF. IVF junction has an elaborate “cost calculator” facility on the website that will help understand the different cost elements associated with your treatment plan and support you with probable cost estimates for your treatment plan.

Consult our best IVF centres near you to avail the most affordable IVF treatment according to your condition and requirement.

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